Why Web VR/AR Experiences are Still Better than Native Apps?

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People are going crazy with Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. They are using it for creating virtual tours of places, designing and collaborating on 3d models, games, entertainment, shopping, marketing, learning, visualizing, everything. Every time I open any social media channel, I always find a new use case of AR and VR.

Imagine putting all your thoughts into one space and building your virtual world, sounds cool right?

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So yes people are exploring the possibility with AR and VR every day. But the way of exploring is different. Some of the AR/VR platforms offer an App-based experience while some offer Web-based experience — WebVR/AR.

According to Wikipedia WebVR was an experimental JavaScript application programming interface (API) that enabled applications to interact with virtual reality devices in a web browser. It was implemented in Firefox and Chromium-based browsers before being deprecated and removed. The WebVR API was superseded by a more powerful WebXR API that is capable of representing virtual reality and augmented reality devices simultaneously.

It was new for the world back then. We all were using different applications just to experience AR and VR.

But now the whole scenario has changed.

To create or experience AR and VR is as easy as breathing. If one knows how to use a keyboard and mouse or mobile phone can easily create and experience Virtual and Augmented Reality themselves. We never knew that life would get this simpler just with WebVR!

Here are the 4 Reasons why WebVR/AR is better than native apps:

One-step Closer

In this constantly changing and busy world, it’s tough to attract people with your AR-VR content through an app. According to marketers the process of marketing should be simple and short. You can’t just make people download an app just to showcase your creativity or ideas with Virtual and Augmented Reality experiences. Let me put it this way, according to some marketers If you share exceptional AR or VR content with 100 people then the probability of them downloading your app and experiencing it is 0.7. That means you will lose 30 potential consumers just because of an additional step. Do the math yourself.

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Instead, one can simply send a web link to the audience and let them experience AR and VR on any device of their choice. No restrictions. No additional steps. Just one step closer to your audience with WebVR.

Wider Audience

There are nearly 7.9 billion people in the world. And you need them to see how creative you are and what your out-of-the-world idea is.

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Here’s the applied example —

Some days earlier, I wanted to create an AR experience of a Bicycle and share it with everyone for a quick survey. I wanted to analyze how much it can engage people. So I used Melzo.com’s tool (udyog.melzo.com) and created this 360° experience in AR and shared it everywhere on my social media with a web link in the description so that people can experience it themselves. And people were surprised, that’s because they have never seen anything like that and I even shared a web link of that AR experience In the description, and they loved it.

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I even created this VR experience of the Maldives using this tool.

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So the conclusion is, the market of AR and VR is still new. If you want to captivate the audience with Augmented and Virtual Reality then do it the right way with WebVR and attract the masses easily and effectively.


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Downloading an app and then installing it just to visualize AR and VR, is a tedious process, but with WebVR one can create and experience Augmented and Virtual reality just with the use of a web link. AR/VR content can also be published and updated in no time. So for the ease of experience too WebVR tops the chart.

Forever for Every Device

With App-based VR/AR experiences, the developer has to develop an app for all types of devices, be it Android, ios, windows, desktop, tab, VR headsets everything. And it’s not a one-time thing, apps do need updates for regular intervals. So it adds more complexity and consumes more time for your business with similar to lesser profit. While with WebVR/AR, the development of a platform is comparatively easy and effective. Just one platform for every type of device. Updating a platform with WebVR/AR is simple and quick. The changes reflect in every single device at the same moment.

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So which one will you choose, cheaper, simpler, easily accessible technology which can be experienced within a few seconds-WebVR/AR or costlier, time-consuming, old-fashioned, less effective-App? You are smart enough, I’m leaving that to you.

Melzo.com has developed a WebVR/AR platform with all the automation to offer a seamless experience to people in AR, VR even in Hologram. If you want to explore the revolutionary new generation technologies like Augmented and Virtual Reality, and Hologram, check out melzo.com

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By Abhishek Dave

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