Vaultka secures $400k in private round to improve perpetual exchanges on Arbitrum

Vaultka secures $400K for improving perpetual exchanges on Arbitrum with Rexian Capital and Meerkat Venture Partners in a private investment round.

Vaultka, a platform focused on perpetual exchange optimization on Arbitrum, has raised $400,000 in a private investment round. The funds will be used to develop the ecosystem of perpetual exchange on Arbitrum. The investment round was led by Rexian Capital and Meerkat Venture Partners, with funds raised in the stablecoin USDC at a valuation of $8 million. The successful completion of the funding round highlights the growing interest in the potential of perpetual exchange and the importance of developing innovative solutions to optimize this space.

Vaultka is a DeFi protocol focused on Decentralized Perpetual Exchange (Perp DEX) on Arbitrum. Trading activity has become crucial to the crypto market, providing real yield and sustainability. However, with recent centralized entity failures, decentralized trading platforms like Arbitrum are growing rapidly.

Arbitrum is dominating the Decentralized Perpetual trade market, with over 45% of the DeFi ecosystem’s total value locked. Vaultka provides customized vaults to maximize Perp DEX LP return. The vaults are user-friendly and have been tested rigorously. Vaultka’s smart contracts optimize exposure, auto-hedging market risk, or maximizing associated profit in a risk-controlled way.

Vaultka’s vision is to become the first unique liquidity hub to promote decentralized Perp trading and contribute to the value-up of Perp DEX LP. Vaultka aims to become the go-to solution for users seeking to optimize their Perp DEX LPs on Arbitrum, much like Convex Protocol established itself on Curve.

Vaultka’s innovative approach is revolutionizing the crypto trading market by empowering traders to optimize their strategies. Vaultka is contributing to the ecosystem’s growth and sustainability, playing an increasingly vital role in the mature crypto market.

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