Upcoming VR Game Lost Recipes Has You Cooking For Ghosts

Prepare traditional meals from around the world in this historically-accurate cooking simulator.

This week VR developer Schell Games (I Expect You To Die, Until You Fall) unveiled Lost Recipes, a “historical cooking simulator” that tasks you with recreating popular real-world dishes from around the world. Unlike existing VR cooking games like VR Cooking Simulator or Clash of Chefs, however, this delicious-looking single-player experience has you cooking for ghosts rather than living partons.

As you progress through the game you’ll learn how to prepare traditional meals from around the world—including Ancient Greece, Song Dynasty, China, and the Yucatan Peninsula, Maya—in historically-accurate kitchens using real-world techniques. In addition to cooking, Lost Recipes promises to improve your understanding of the geography and history of various cultures and how they’ve affected their respective culinary techniques.

In an official press release, Schell Games offers an extensive breakdown of the many different food you can expect to tackle in Lost Recipes:

Ancient Greece
Mulled Wine
Ancient Greek Barley Pita Bread
Marinated Olives

Steamed Whole Fish
Dongpo Pork
Mushrooms and Bok Choy

Yucatan Maya
Xec Jicama and Citrus Salad
Mukbil Pollo
Corn Tortillas

Image Credit: Schell Games

“Cooking has the power to bring people together and we wanted to capture this experience for players in and outside of the Quest headset,” said Lost Recipes Project Director Melanie Harke, in an official release. “Putting together a recipe book is something we knew we had to do while creating Lost Recipes, and we had fun preparing some of the dishes in real life as a team. We did have to modify the recipes because some of the actual ingredients and cooking methods aren’t available anymore.” 

Lost Recipes will be available for purchase on Meta Quest and Meta Quest 2 for $14.99 on January 27th. For more information visit here.

Feature Image Credit: Schell Games

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