Tulipart.com Introduces A Collection of Tulip NFTs Minted Daily over Seven Years

There are 10,000 different NFTs of tulips on Tulipart.com. 4 Tulip NFTs will be produced per day for 7 years, or until the target number of 10,000 is reached. Six separate components, ranging from common to exclusive, make up each Tulip NFT, making them more or less unusual.

There is no direct way to buy New Tulip NFTs; instead, a lottery mechanism is used to distribute them only to $LAND token holders. To participate, you must possess and stake $LAND tokens. The likelihood of obtaining a Tulip NFT each day is increased by staking more $LAND tokens.

By taking advantage of the ongoing airdrop at Tulipart.com, one can obtain $LAND tokens for free. Anyone who owns an Ethereum address can check their participation eligibility. Being ineligible for the airdrop has no bearing on the possibility to purchase $LAND on Uniswap, which increases the likelihood of winning a Tulip NFT.


Tulipart.com is a state-of-the-art platform that supports creativity and innovation in the Crypto and NFT industries. Tulipart.com, based in Zug, Switzerland, a hotspot for blockchain technology, is the focal point of a special collection of 10,000 one-of-a-kind tulip NFTs that will be produced over the course of seven years.

Anyone interested can claim their $LAND tokens, stake them, and win a Tulip NFT by going to Tulipart.com.

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