TradeLink Launches p2p Investment Solution For Traders

The cryptocurrency trading market is young, that’s why it’s growing fast, and interesting for investments. But at the same time, it’s quite risky, very volatile, completely non-transparent, and often deceptive. Currently, it looks like the Wild West, where there are no rules, no standards, and almost no regulations. Lots of inexperienced investors hungry for quick profits have appeared. They are hunted by swindlers who call themselves traders. They state the high profitability of their portfolios, but it is often impossible to verify their words. That’s why many investors have already lost their money and do not believe anyone who works on the cryptocurrency market, even if they are experts.

The TradeLink project solves these problems. The platform allows real-time tracking and analysis of crypto traders’ portfolios, provides independent confirmation of trading results, and offers an opportunity for retail investors to invest in the best traders on the platform.

The platform is based on a rating where all traders on the platform can participate. The rating system demonstrates the best portfolios by various parameters, such as profitability, risk, deposit volume, and many others. 

TradeLink is entirely a p2p investment solution where traders have direct access to qualified investors and retail investors from anywhere in the world. Investors have access to the best investment strategies without intermediaries and can invest with a minimum sum. Manager selection and investment procedures are fully transparent and regulated by TradeLink. We completely remove intermediaries and any barriers between investors and traders. 

TradeLink takes care of the complete verification of managers (profitability analysis, KYC) and investors can invest in the best-rated traders on the platform in a couple of clicks.

For traders, the platform offers a wide range of analytical tools and services, more than 25 statistical indicators for detailed trade analysis. It is also possible to share your results via a public link or add a widget to your website.

Also, the platform regularly holds tournaments where traders can compete for prizes and earn different achievements.

The startup already works with four top cryptocurrency exchanges: Binance, BitMex, FTX, ByBit. We are constantly increasing the number of connected exchanges and soon we plan to cover the top players on the market, including popular DeFi projects. 

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