The Mynt Introduces Limited Edition Collection NFT On The Tezos Blockchain

The Mynt has today announced the launch of a limited edition of its NFT collection tagged CryptoFlowerz on Tezos blockchain. The Mynt was inspired by wild gardens with each botanical creation generated from a 3D art design. Every generated 3D piece is a unique combination of various character attributes and textures of floral plants which include its flowers, leaves, and stems.

The Mynt is a lab for NFTs that is focused on bridging the gap between the traditional and the digital contemporary art world. Having a team of passionate creatives who believe in the creative revolution being empowered by digital artists, will blueprint the future of art and technology through NFT education, immersive art experiences, display innovation, and metaverse design.

CryptoFlowerz is being built on the Tezos blockchain because of its industry-leading sustainability and its vibrant NFT community. As one of the pacesetters of Proof of Stake, Tezos’s design makes it function in an energy-efficient manner, consuming over two million times less energy than Ethereum.

Tezos has also partnered with leading brands and organizations such as The Gap, Formula 1 racing teams, Red Bull, Racing Honda, McLaren Racing, Ubisoft, and Rarible. These platforms have trusted the Tezos platform to build their fan engagement platforms and deliver for their users and with all of these, Tezos is emerging as the center of the art world for NFTs.

Cryptoflowerz’s ability to utilize the energy and power-efficient Tezos blockchain makes it possible to implement a unique feature that allows people to gift or send their CryptoFlowerz NFTs. There will also be an option to create a personalized note that will be written into the blockchain and attached to the recipient. CryptoFlowerz features two renowned artists that represent digital and physical works of art.

Cryptoflowerz features two artists, Victoria Fard and Sophie Parker. Victoria Fard is a Canadian digital artist with a background in architecture, fine arts, and digital technologies. Her digital art explores the themes of nature, culture, and heritage with the hope of preserving them and connecting people through visual and immersive forms of storytelling. Her designs are also inspired by wild gardens and every attribute that will be created within CryptoFlowerz will carry a unique life and meaning.

Sophie Parker is a botanical artist based in New York City. Sophie’s  avant-garde plant sculptures challenge classical notions of floral arrangements  by re-imagining traditional forms and also presenting unique modes of thinking about what is “natural.”  Vivid hand-painted leaves are the hallmark of her otherworldly pieces.

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