Stage 5 of the Metacade presale is sold out following the confirmed strategic partnership with MEXC

Following the recent announcement of its strategic partnership with top exchange MEXC, Metacade, a community-led GameFi project, has seen a significant increase in momentum in its presale. Before the MCADE token is completely sold out and formally listed on exchanges, only three presale stages are left.

The current presale price for stage 5 of the GameFi arcade is $0.0155, and stage 6 will cost $0.017, a 9.67% increase from stage 5. When the presale is over, MCADE will be made available on a number of cryptocurrency exchanges, including well-known DeFi exchange Uniswap and top cryptocurrency exchanges Bitmart.

The Metacade arcade, which combines gaming and cryptocurrency, aims to revolutionize the gaming market by rewarding players for their gaming efforts and bringing the growing GameFi community together in a deep and creative way. Metacade, which is based on the Ethereum blockchain, will be the go-to resource for Web3 gamers for all things GameFi. To keep the gaming community interested, the platform will host a wide variety of games, leaderboards, forums, live chats, and other features.

“As momentum builds and awareness spreads about the project, we’re seeing both large and small investors taking advantage of the MCADE token presale. It’s incredible to see such a huge number of GameFi enthusiasts getting involved and we can’t wait to shake up the gaming industry and deliver a disruptive product.”- Russell Bennett, CEO Metacade.

The Metacade ecosystem is not complete without the MCADE token, which powers all platform transactions. Gamers will receive rewards in cryptocurrency for their gaming efforts and important platform contributions, such as writing GameFi reviews, taking part in tournaments, and educating other players. By staking MCADE on the platform, token holders will also be able to grow their cryptocurrency holdings.

The Metacade team recognizes the value of community support and will soon launch a jobs board to assist gamers in finding top positions at Web3 businesses. Additionally, Metacade will introduce Metagrants, a fascinating program geared toward game developers that enables them to pitch game ideas to the Metacade community in order to get funding to develop their games on Metacade.

The Metacade platform is currently under development and has received endorsement from renowned blockchain auditing company Certik. The auditor performed a full KYC to verify the authenticity of the Metacade team and carefully examined every aspect of the specifications and code for Metacade. Certik’s approval of Metacade places it alongside other thoroughly examined projects like Polygon, Aave, and Decentraland and aims to give investors a high level of transparency and confidence in the P2E project.

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