Sneakmart Launches Metakicks, An NFT Mystery Sneakers Box Collection

Sneakmart, a French mobile application dedicated to streetwear, provides users with the opportunity to own virtual footwear through its Metakicks NFT mystery sneakers boxes.

According to the team behind the project, Sneakmart seeks to disrupt the world of collectible and limited sneakers editions, allowing users to own the NFT and a chance to win a physical pair to boot.

Currently, the sneaker market is valued at slightly over $6 billion in resale figures alone. This may be because the market only allows about 5% of users to get in on exclusive drops, making the value of the items even higher. For their first round, Metakicks plans to drop 15 unique designs classified into four levels of rarity: epic, the rare level, super rare, and normal. There will be four models of super rare level, 1 model for the epic, five models for normal, and five more for the rare level. This collection comprises different textures, materials, shapes, and colors. There are reportedly about 6250 pairs available for the first delivery.

The mystery boxes are designed to prevent users from knowing what they have purchased until the box is in their possession. Once they receive the box, the owner can then decide to open the box and claim their NFT or resell the box on the secondary markets. Notably, through the NFT mystery box system, Sneakmart users will get the opportunity to win real pair of sneakers in addition to their digital pairs. The winner could win a pair of Nike Dunk Low, Yeezy 350, Jordan 1 High, or even the Jordan 4.

The objective of the collection is to help bring together the digital and virtual sneaker markets. Each pair is unique because they all come from their universe, allowing the owners to have a masterpiece. Note that some designs will have additional benefits, including a special edition with the effigy of certain celebrities. 

Commenting on their NFTs, Anthony Debrant, CEO and Founder of Sneakmart, stated:

“Sneaker addicts like to collect and wear a lot of sneakers. Everyone loves sneakers these days, and everyone wears them. With Metakicks, we want to give the opportunity to start collecting digital sneakers through unique designs… we want to offer sneaker lovers the opportunity to enter the Metaverse with something they really love: sneakers.”

Launched in January 2021, Sneakmart currently has over 130,000 members that form part of its community. Sneakmart works by collecting sneakers and reselling them later at an exponential price. Sneakmart has already begun forming strategic partnerships to further its mission, including a recent one with Savoir Fair Paris, the French bespoke sneakers creator. 

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