Shifting “Process Data” from Analog to Digital

Without a mobile solution, you’re overlooking critical data in your workplace.

Do you remember the first time you entered an Apple Store and saw employees performing all of their tasks on iPhones? When mobility entered the workplace, larger enterprises like Apple immediately understood how to unlock some of this previously “hidden knowledge” with expensive custom or purpose-built apps.

To stay competitive, mid-market companies need tools flexible enough to apply to their processes yet capable of scaling and evolving as business needs change. Additionally, this solution needs to adapt to their workflows without being cost-prohibitive. Thankfully, today’s mobile solutions can do all of that.

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The importance of shifting to a mobile solution

Despite advances in technology and ongoing demand to capture event statistics, many manufacturing tasks remain analog. Inspections are only documented when something out of acceptable parameters occurs, like a quality escape. Operators read gauges during operator rounds but rarely capture that information. Employees execute the same tasks every day without any ability to look back at how they performed.

As you can see, the loss of critically beneficial information is staggering. Conversely, imagine a world where you can capture that data.


Every inspection yielding a fuller scope of information that can provide insights into your equipment over time
Gauge data captured by operators with each reading
Daily tasks tracked, leading to performance improvement as a result of a more comprehensive understanding of what’s occurring on the floor

A mobile solution can make this fictional world your new reality — a reality where one can deploy data-driven, lean improvements like Six Sigma in a genuinely informed manner. A reality where potential workflow improvements identified through mobile solutions can result in immediately deployable new workflows.

Additionally, you control the flow of confidential information, authorizing which employees and devices can access data, applications, and resources, adding to your overall data security.

Ultimately, a mobile solution supplements your employees’ abilities with the computing power of the latest technology. And because it’s mobile by definition, it can be used wherever the job takes them.

Stop data loss

How much data are you currently overlooking in your workplace? If the answer isn’t “none,” it’s time to improve your company’s security, efficiency, and productivity with a mobile solution.

The process of finding the right solution for your business can seem daunting. A Mira Consultant is available to help. Our goal is to remove the friction in hands-free computing for today’s industrial front-line workforce.

To understand just how within reach this next evolution for your company is, speak with a Mira consultant today.

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