Prasaga And Quantum Generation Partner Up To Change Space-Based Communications

Prasaga has announced its partnership with Quantum Generation to bring sharding to space-based communications.

The partnership will reportedly leverage the fully scaling Prasaga DataGrid Blockchain (DGB) and QUBIT Blockchain (QB) quantum technology to revolutionize Fintech, iD, communications, and voting applications.

Prasaga CEO Michael Holdmann comments

“Blockchain applications have so much potential, however, most require greater functionality than current blockchain implementations could hope to provide. The technological advances that Quantum Generation:registered: are creating in space-based blockchain solutions highlight how the DataGrid Blockchain will facilitate these ambitious innovations.” He added:

“Finding partners that align on values and purpose is essential in building the strong ecosystem of collaboration that the Prasaga Foundation is committed to.”

Prasaga’s XBOM operating system makes it easy to develop for the DataGrid Blockchain (DGB). The system uses its use inheritance of class objects running on DGB, enabling parallelization across shards. By running processes in parallel, it becomes possible to build more complex products and services. This also allows the system to tackle entirely new horizons that would otherwise remain out of reach. Notably, this marks XBOM perfectly placed to serve the future network and bridges the gap between all types of devices to establish a fully connected network, one catering to the needs of both enterprises and consumers alike.

The Prasaga and Quantum Generation (QG) partnership will see a listing on the QUBIT Exchange. QG will offer applications in jurisdictional agility, communications, Fintech, voting, iD and quantum technologies, all on the Prasaga DataGrid Blockchain (DGB). 

Larry Castro, CEO of Quantum Generation, explained:

“The new applications that become possible with this collaboration align with our shared mission to build a new economy, sovereignty, and communication solutions without boundaries. Cooperating to build a decentralized incentivized ecosystem that ensures markets that thrive on the blockchain.” 

This partnership will reportedly have a tremendous global impact in many different ways as our current connected world deals with many inefficiencies and drawbacks. Addressing concerns such as censorship and the opposition of forward-thinking is essential as our society needs to keep growing and evolving at all times. Building a censorship-resistant connected world will pave the way for innovation and establishing a new type of jurisdiction that can accommodate the needs of everyone equally. 

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