Pimax To Host Online Conference, Pimax Frontier, On October 20

Pimax revealed plans for a new online conference, called Pimax Frontier 2021, where it says it will reveal details about its future roadmap and tease a new product code-named ‘Reality’.

Pimax Frontier will take place online, available worldwide, on October 20.

According to an email from Pimax to potential attendees, this conference will go over the company’s Pimax product roadmap and “related technologies,” alongside “the vision of VR3.0” and a sneak peek of their next product, which is referred to by the name ‘Reality’ in the email. The effort is referred to as “a new product that’s several generations ahead of anything currently on the market.”

Pimax Frontier 2021 | Oct 20

Register now and prepare for an event full of exciting announcements, as we step into the future together.
Link: https://t.co/6uOgH1XovN pic.twitter.com/cl0xCah4J8

— PimaxVR (@pimaxofficial) October 11, 2021

Don’t expect a full announcement just yet — Pimax says that Frontier will only feature a “sneak peek” of Reality and that CES 2022 will see the full “formal unveiling” of the new product. CES is the largest annual Western technology conference and the 2022 event is scheduled to take place on January 5-8, 2022 in Las Vegas.

At CES 2020, Pimax announced a 180Hz ‘5K SUPER’ headset — an enhanced version of Pimax’s main offering, the 5K Plus. While Valve’s Index controllers are compatible with Pimax headsets, the company’s own controllers, the long-delayed Sword Lite VR controllers, entered mass production last month, with the aim to begin shipping this month. This will make good on a promise from Pimax’s 2017 Kickstarter, where backers could pay an extra $200 for rudimentary VR controllers to go with its “8K” ultra-wide field of view VR headset.

The company has a long history of shipping delays and in the past we’ve recommended treating orders, particularly ones for products that don’t yet have a ship date, as more like backing a Kickstarter than placing an order. For those interested in attending Pimax Frontier, sign-ups are available now online.

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