Nock Lines Up A PSVR 2 Release Next Week

Soccer meets archery with Nock, a VR multiplayer game coming to PSVR 2 on May 25.

Developed by Normal VR, Nock is a multiplayer game that mixes soccer with archery, where you direct the ball by shooting it with arrows. Previously released on Quest and listed as coming soon to PC VR, Normal revealed the PSVR 2 version runs at 90Hz without reprojection or foveated rendering. Headset haptic feedback is supported, there’s a new spectator camera option, and a season pass with cosmetics is included with every purchase.

Featuring skill-based matchmaking and casual modes, here’s an official description from the PlayStation Store page:

Nock is bow and arrow soccer. Skate and fly around a pitch while using a bow and arrow to blast the ball into the other team’s goal. Compete in multiplayer ranked matches, or play casual custom games with your friends! Like a real sport, Nock is easy to learn but difficult to master. Block arrows let you create obstacles and you can even use your body to make a goal or save. A fast-moving ball can knock you out.

This isn’t the only announcement Sony’s made today for PSVR 2. Confirmed only hours before Nock, Rhythm Planet also joins the growing library tomorrow on May 19, while Red Matter 2 arrived earlier today. With the PlayStation Showcase also promising new PSVR 2 announcements on May 24, Sony’s latest VR headset isn’t slowing down anytime soon.

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