Announces Launch Of Its Innovative NFT Marketplace

The revolutionary NFT marketplace, developed by to be the ultimate gathering place for NFT lovers, creators, and collectors, has officially launched.

NFTonPulse is prepared for live operation after more than 15 months of development. Creators and collectors will be at the vanguard of the rapidly expanding NFT ecosystem thanks to the marketplace, which is currently in beta on the Goerli Ethereum testnet. It will shortly be launched on the PulseChain network.

Lightning-fast transactions, simple NFT creation, and a streamlined platform that makes it simple for anybody to engage in the NFT market will all be made possible by the debut of NFTonPulse on PulseChain. NFTonPulse eliminates gas fees and adds lazy minting, allowing producers to make gas-free NFTs and choose their royalty percentages. Also, collectors can quickly grow their NFT collections.

HowToPulse is providing an airdrop of their HTP token to early platform adopters to mark the launch of NFTonPulse. For NFT lovers, artists, and collectors, the debut of NFTonPulse is a terrific opportunity to experience the future of NFTs and perhaps receive HTP.

Making and listing NFTs is now faster and simpler than ever, thanks to NFTonPulse. Reduced minting costs allow creators to profit more from their NFTs. With the fees from NFT creation going into the HTP staking pool, the market was created with both makers and collectors in mind.

Creators can receive 100% of the marketplace fees by staking their HTP tokens in the staking pool, which gets the fees from NFT sales on NFTonPulse. The HTP token will carry on their vision of “more accessible decentralized dapps with ideals of financial independence and the right to ownership” by acting as a utility token on platforms and decentralized applications (dapps) created on PulseChain.

HowToPulse has drawn 250,000 visitors since its launch in 2021. The core team has been slavishly creating dapps for the future of Web3 since its inception. As a result, the group has significantly expanded and now has 15,000 social media followers. NFTonPulse was developed as a result of this motivation and expertise.

More and more artists will be able to profit from their work as NFTonPulse expands. The team appreciates the help it has received so far and is eager to see what the introduction of NFTonPulse will mean for the neighbourhood.

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