MetaOne Wallet Introduces New Features and Additional Blockchain Support to Simplify Web3 Accessibility

AAG-owned MataOne, a wallet solution for exploring Web3 and the metaverse, has announced the introduction of new innovative features that will add extra layers of convenience and simplicity when accessing Web3.

Why it matters: The new features have been bundled into the MetaOne wallet to complete the transition to MetaOne 2.0.

According to a press release, “Version 2.0 will make it easier than ever for users and enterprises to use and manage digital assets, thanks to a collection of innovative new features.”

If the new innovative features hold up their end of the bargain, they should make MetaOne 2.0 a major doorway to Web3.

While the hype around Web3 continues to gain traction, there are several challenges that Web3 developers need to overcome first.

One of these challenges is user experience. MetaOne tries to resolve this challenge by using a user-first, one-stop approach to the wallet design.

The wallet has tried to simplify the process of accessing Web3 by removing seed phrases and replacing them with one simple and secure signup. People are accustomed to this in their everyday interactions with internet applications and tools.

Like some of the leading Web3 markets, MetaOne is a one-stop, secure wallet for storing crypto assets & NFTs. It also allows users to connect to dApps and easily browse Web3 projects.

The MetaOne wallet is available for download for iOS or Android devices. 

What else is new: Apart from the addition of a set of innovative features, MetaOne has added support for 4 more blockchains. The supported blockchains are:

Saakuru – This is a layer 2 blockchain that offers high transaction volume, zero gas fees, and a flexible token design that supports both non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and fungible tokens. This protocol is built on the Oasys blockchain and owned by AAG, the same software maker that owns MetaOne wallet.

Oasys – a multi-layered eco-friendly blockchain designed for gaming.

Arbitrum – a layer 2 solution that improves Ethereum’s capabilities. It is an important blockchain for DeFi.

Avalanche – Avalanche is the 15th most valuable blockchain in the world.

AAG has also released new enterprise features that improve MetaOne’s functionality and reach. The first one is MetaOne Connect, a new feature that significantly lowers the barriers to Web3 entry. 

The second enterprise feature is MetaOne ZK. MetaOne’s Zero-knowledge proof verification of an identity without exposing the owner’s identity. This is very important in keeping in line with crypto’s original ethos of anonymity. Zero-knowledge proofs are used in cryptocurrencies such as Z-Cash where privacy and anonymity are highly prioritized.

What is in the pipeline: MetaOne will be releasing additional features in the coming weeks to provide a smooth Web3 experience.

The features in the pipeline include:

Wallet Address Book – this is an important feature already implemented by exchanges and some wallets. It allows users to save their frequently used wallet addresses. This is a very handy feature.

Wallet Connect 2.x Integration – Feature to make it easy to connect MetaOne to dApps

Cross Chain Asset Swap – swap assets inside the MetaOne wallet without the need to transfer your assets to exchanges.

Fiat Off-Ramp – Directly convert your crypto to fiat currency (funds are deposited to the user’s bank account) using your MetaOne wallet.

Information nuggets about AAG: AAG Ventures is a Web3 infrastructure company that creates software for exploring economic opportunities through the metaverse.  

AAG has grown into an ecosystem underpinned by the AAG token, which can be traded on several centralized exchanges such as MEXC Global and or swapped on Sushi and Uniswap decentralized exchanges.

AAG is currently building its Learn and Earn program. This is similar to Coinbase’s Learn and Earn program, which incentivizes learning.

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