Let’s meet at AWE… and “storm” Apple Park together!

Next week I’ll fly again to the US, and in particular to Silicon Valley to attend AWE again. It’s a good occasion to meet there or to do something together for the possible launch of the Apple headset.


It’s again the time of the year when I attend the Augmented World Expo (AWE) in Santa Clara, California. It will be my third time in a row at that event.

At AWE again

This year I haven’t been selected as a speaker, so I will just go there as part of the press. This is not good because I won’t be able to steal food from the speakers’ lounge any more. I’ll have to steal double of it from the press lounge, then. Sorry Road To VR people.

Anyway, many signs point to the fact that this year’s event is going to be amazing. Many important companies in the field are going there. I’m already seeing also some side events being organized, like breakfasts and dinners. I’ve already set up some cool meetings, and my agenda is filling up pretty quickly. And the icing on the cake is Neal Stephenson as the keynote speaker! I’m sure that on the opportunities side will be one of the best AWEs I’ve ever been to! I’m already feeling the air being electric in the ecosystem…

My highlight from last year was chasing the Unity CEO and making this horrible photo with him

I have great plans for this AWE. These are a few interesting things I’m planning to do:

Try innovative XR hardware and software solutions and talk about them on my blog

Look for partners for VRROOM, the company I’m working with to create a platform for virtual reality events,

Look for collaborations for the XR event On|Metaverse Summit I’m advising here in Italy

Tell everyone about the fitness game HitMotion: Reloaded

Chase Neal Stephenson screaming “Neal, Neal” as soon as he gets off the stage, looking like a poor idiot like I did last year with John Riccitiello

Blame Neal Stephenson because the word he invented led to the existence of the “Metaverse Experts” on Linkedin

Eat American Food and say that Italian one would have been better

Become a homeless guy for the thousands of dollars I will spend in Lyft on those days

Hug at least 50 people

Say the word “Awesome” and “Amazing” at whatever thing I will see. With the exception of the convention center food

Create some embarrassing situations by using my sarcasm with people that don’t understand it

Be confused about what to do on June, 1st when AWE opens its showroom while at the same time, Meta is doing its Gaming Showcase where it may tease something about Quest 3

Do meetings during the day, parties during the evening. Realize I’m too old for the parties, and that after 30 years old, life is all about having back pain

Write articles at night about what I tried during the day

Cry the day after because no one is reading my articles because all my readers are busy at AWE, too

Meet lots of people with whom to say “Let’s collaborate for sure”. Then never meet them again for the rest of my life

Give people business or technical advice that doesn’t work

Distribute business cards to people that will make paper planes out of them

Give a very bad look to whoever says the word “metaverse”

Give an even worse look to whoever says the word “metaverses”

Organize a funeral for the metaverse, which is dying every day

Meet lots of friends like Charlie, Eloi, Cecilia, Tony, Ori, Gabs, etc… (the list is too long to mention them all)

… and of course, meet you!

My agenda is already pretty tight, but please reach out to me to see if there is an opportunity to meet, chat, or try some innovative product! You can contact me on your favorite channel among the ones listed on this page. I’m always open to meeting with other people that have a passion for immersive realities!

I will stay in the Valley from May, 29th evening to June, 7th. Since I’m making this long trip from Italy, I’m staying some extra days to have the opportunity to do something cool. So if we don’t meet at AWE, maybe we can still do something the days after. And talking about this, let’s talk also about one more thing…

Apple Park storming

It’s highly probable that on June, 5th, Apple will announce its first mixed-reality headset. It will be a super important event for immersive realities… and of course, I’ve not been invited to the launch, like many other people in our ecosystem. But that day, I’m still there in the Valley, so… what can I do?

On Twitter, jokingly, I said that we should all storm Apple Park like some people promised to storm Area 51 some years ago

All of us that have not been invited to #WWDC could organize something similar to the “Area 51 storming” of some years ago… we storm the Apple Park doing Naruto runs and we pave our way towards the headsets! #VirtualReality #AugmentedReality pic.twitter.com/kRW9AB3mJb

— TonyVT SkarredGhost (@SkarredGhost) May 25, 2023

I mean, I was joking, but in part I was serious: what could we do that day together? I mean, we can’t participate in the main event, but maybe we can still do something together! Let’s talk about it. Especially if it involves doing Naruto runs…

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