Launch of the First Stable Blockchain-Based Social Poker Game by Massive Gaming

Following the successful debut of the Play and Earn social game House of Slots, Massive Gaming, NEOWIZ’s international affiliate, will introduce the global social hold’em game House of Poker in March 2023.

House of Poker is a global social hold’em game certified by iTech Labs. It offers users a fair and realistic gaming experience through a variety of hold’em tournament contents and live face-to-face chat. Users can receive saved prizes in a decentralized manner by using the Play and Earn system. Users of House of Poker now have the chance to own their value in the game more fully.

In order to achieve this, the IntellaX ecosystem created by NEOWIZ in collaboration with Polygon is already being supported worldwide.

Global players can now play free social hold’em games and earn blockchain stable tokens (USDC) with the game’s specialized in-game items thanks to the acceptance of USDC as a stablecoin. It is a good idea to have a backup plan in case the backup plan fails. We believe that users will profit from participating in upcoming events as Play and Earn participants contribute to the game and earn incentives.

In the interim, the blockchain-based Play and Earn game combination experiment has been active, primarily for small and medium-sized game developers, but it has evolved into an economic structure that does not offer stable and equitable benefits to users as it only benefits developers due to token minting profits. Yet, House of Poker is the first blockchain-based social hold’em poker service in the world that uses a play-and-earn model that may appropriately reward users in accordance with their contributions of steady USDC.

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