Horror Bar VR Rises Again On Quest Later This Year

Horror Bar VR returns from the grave once again, serving brains to zombie patrons later this year on Quest 2.

Developer VR Factory describes Horror Bar VR as “a frighteningly engaging family-friendly zombie bar simulator.” First released in 2020, you play as a bar boss juggling some unique orders, ranging between burgers made with still-beating hearts and brains to bloody drinks served with frozen eyeballs. Your goal involves satisfying this impatient horde of zombies, earning tips for good performance and fending off rowdy customers.

Alongside practice and free modes, Horror Bar VR includes a 33-level campaign “that will test their mastery of drink pouring and food making,” gradually introducing increasingly difficult recipes and additional challenges, like stopping thieves from stealing. New equipment bought with your earnings lets you gradually upgrade your bar, also introducing different food preparation methods.

Horror Bar arrives on Quest 2 and Quest Pro “towards the end of the first half of 2023.” Otherwise, it’s available now on Steam, Rift, Viveport, Pico and PSVR.

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