Gifts for Summer Birthdays, Events and Company Achievement Awards

It’s a fact. If you care about people — you will likely never get over the gift-giving in your life. To help yourself out — always keep an eye out for unusual gifts and grab something when it’s on sale. I get cheap on stuff (my staff calls it cheap-a), but I won’t repeat that here. Pruse gift lists — like this one — and watch for the items to come on sale.

We are Headed into the Third Quarter — Time for Achievement Awards

You will want to have your half-year achievement awards — especially if you’ve missed them in the last couple of years because of Covid. Who deserves an Oscar in your company? If your company is like ours — you probably can’t send your best sales team on a trip this year — but you CAN remember them with a nice gift.

Dig out our other gift lists, or choose something from this Summer Gift List (below) — Gifts for Summer Birthdays, Events, and Company Achievement Awards.

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1. Cololight Hexagon Lights Gaming Lights

Cololight Hexagon Gaming Lights

2. Thai Chef’s Moon Knife

Thai Chef’s Moon Knife

3. EWin Flash XL Size Series Ergonomic Computer Gaming Office Chair

EWin Ergonomic Computer Gaming Office Chair

I personally have this chair and one other person has this chair in the office. Simply the best!

4. Smartmi Air Purifier for Home

Smartmi Air Purifier

5. Hex Small Fire Pit

Colsen Hex Small Fire Pit

6. WHOOP 4.0 

Whoop 4.0 Wear it Anywhere
Whoop in-depth fitness

7. YBell Pro Series Versatile Weight for Men and Women


YBell Pro Series Versatile Weight for Men and Women

8. QuietComfort 35 wireless headphones II

Bose QuietComfort 35 Series II

9. Panasonic Beard Trimmer

Panasonic Beard Trimmer

10. Aricove Weighted Blanket

Aricove Weighted Blanket


11. Limited Edition LTDx MAX Volition Driver

Cobra Golf — LTDx MAX Volition Driver

—Our Top Salesperson this year will receive this magnificent driver at our Award Ceremony in a couple of weeks. The second place on our sales team will receive the Cobra Golf Putter (see below).

12. Broken Top Brands Fresh Squeezed Gift Set

Broken Top Fresh Squeezed Gift Set

13. The Ridge Slim Wallets


The Ridge Slim Wallets

14. FlexiSpot Under Desk Bike



FlexiSpot Under Desk Bike

We have a couple of these in the office that the health-conscious people grab a couple of times a day. One funny thing is that people who come to the office for meetings always grab one of these and ride — even during the meetings.

15. Ohlavinia Healthy Tips Cannabis Lubricant


16. Tokodesign Inner Drawer Dividers

Tokodesign inner drawer dividers
Toko Design interior drawer dimensions

My wife has gone nuts over these interior drawer pieces. No more cuts from something in the kitchen drawers and I can finally find my socks in my sock drawer. Even more — my bedside table is no longer a ball of rubble.

17. Brilliant — All-in-one smart home control

All in one Smart home control

This Brilliant Smart Panel is many things — but the main one is Brilliant! We have replaced many of our switches with the Brilliant Smart Panel. I cannot even explain how fantastic these are. I hope to have all of the switches traded out as soon as possible. This is truly a great idea and product.

18. Baketivity Kids Baking DIY Activity Kits

Baketivity Kids Baking DIY Activity Kits

My wife bought a bunch of these baking kits for gifts this summer. It is also a fun item to leave out when grammy comes to tend for us. I hope the office peeps think it is as funny as do when I invite them to the cabin in a week or two and hand out different varieties of the Baketivity Activity Kits for our bake-off this year.

19. MegaPro 13-in-1 Ratcheting Driver

MegaPro 13-in-1 Ratcheting Driver

20. VR Vive Pro 2

VR Vive Pro 2

…Still one of my favorite items. Yesterday I saw the Vive Pro 2 on sale at Walmart for about half what I paid on Amazon.

21. 3D Printed Agera Volition Putter

3D Printed Agera Volition Putter

Second place in our sales contest will receive this Cobra Golf Putter. It is awesome.

Get a Little Joy From Your Gift-Giving This Summer and Always

Usually, if you get on a site — somewhere (like Amazon, or a product site — the company — will send you an email when the item is on sale. Easy-Peasy.

Having an item at the ready takes a lot of the horror (okay, joy) out of gift-giving. For productivity, always have something available at home (or office) that you can hurry and wrap up and take to someone, or have UPS pick it up to deliver for you or your company.

Remember — It Doesn’t Matter What Gift You Give

Remember that it doesn’t matter what you give — just think about the important people in your life and give them something on their special day. In college, I was so poor and I asked everyone their favorite color and their favorite candy bar or treat. During those years — people received a candy bar with a bow around it in their favorite color.

Do THAT (the candy bar gift) one day for everyone at work and watch how it transforms your office. Productivity soars when we appreciate our teams.

Image Credit: The inner images are from Amazon or from the item’s company product page. Thank you!

Top Image Credit: Rodnae Productions; Pexels; Thank you!

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