Gazzlers: An On-Rails, Cooperative VR Shooter Coming To Early Access In 2022

Gazzlers is an upcoming on-rails cooperative VR shooter, set to release in Early Access on Steam for PC VR next year and other platforms in 2023.

With support for up to four players in co-op, Gazzlers will place on you a high-speed train and see you and your friends shoot at frantic small red creatures approaching from all angles. Here’s a summary from developers Banzai Studios:

Taking the meaning of the on-rails shooter genre literally, in GAZZLERS you’ll fend off thousands of critters as you safely escort your trusty steam locomotive, The Motherlode. With randomized elements in every run, each cross-country journey across the arid landscapes of Ginkgo is a unique experience. Throw in dozens of weapons, items, upgrades and modifiers and you have a VR shooter that keeps pulling you back for one more go.

The game will also have some roguelike elements — each run will grant you rewards, including an arsenal of weapons and random upgrades, and the levels themselves feature “randomized elements” in every run.

You can check out the rather amusing reveal trailer embedded at the top of the page, featuring a flurry of gameplay shots towards the end. The Western-inspired art direction is great and the gameplay looks frantic but thrilling, with huge potential for an amazing cooperative experience.

For a title launching in Early Access next year, the gameplay looks quite polished and sharp visually — we’ve got high hopes for when the final product hits all platforms in 2023.

Gazzlers is available to wishlist on Steam now ahead of its Early Access release for PC VR in 2022. A full release, including Quest and PlayStation platforms, is expected in 2023.

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