Flirt Invest cases of fraud increases

Cases of fraud around the Flirt Invest platform have become more frequent – the platform itself reports this in its Telegram channel.

Flirt Invest – is a platform for investing cryptocurrencies in the largest network of webcam studios. By investing cryptocurrency in the platform, you can get a 15% profit per month.

The platform reports that many scammers are trying to entice investors and create so-called mirrors – copies of the site.

An unsuspecting person goes to the copied site thinking that this is a real site and transfers money to scammers. The platform informs all investors that it has only one official website, as well as that it is enough to simply verify the address and check the presence of a security certificate belonging to the company. To do this, just click on the lock icon in the browser line and check for a certificate.

The company also reminds that it accepts money only officially through the merchant PayKassa, and not directly to specific wallets.

Be careful.

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