DPVR E4 Is A $550 Lightweight SteamVR Headset Claiming Wider FoV

DPVR E4 is a new wired SteamVR headset with the same resolution as Quest 2 but wider field of view.

DPVR is a Shanghai-based company that has been selling VR headsets in China since 2015. Its current E3 PC VR headset lacks positional tracking or input out of the box, but supports the Nolo aftermarket tracking system and controllers. It also sells a P1 standalone headset mostly intended for viewing traditional media on a huge virtual screen.

The new E4 has four cameras for inside-out tracking of the headset and its Quest-like controllers.

The headset has a flip-up halo strap design, so you can quickly view the real world without taking it off. It is said to weigh just 400 grams, making it the lightest PC VR headset on the market. For comparison, Oculus Rift S (which also has a halo strap) weighs 590 grams.

DPVR claims E4 has a horizontal field of view of 116 degrees. This hasn’t been independently verified, but if true is wider than almost every other headset on the market. The lenses are fixed in place however, so can’t be adjusted to match your interpupillary distance (IPD).

Meta Quest 2
HP Reverb G2



Wired PC VR

Wireless PC VR

Lens Separation
58mm / 63mm / 68mm
60mm – 68mm

Visible Pixels Per Eye

Field of View
Up to 96°
116° claimed

Max Refresh Rate
120 Hz
120 Hz
90 Hz

Strap Pipe

Total Weight
503 grams
400 grams
498 grams

Flip-Up Halo


A unique feature of E4 is it has customizable RGB lighting on the front face, commonly seen in other gamer-focused PC peripherals.

DPVR E4 preorders open tomorrow for $550. We’re in contact with the company about a review unit and will be particularly interested in the quality of the inside-out tracking, as this factor makes or breaks a headset’s value proposition yet can only be determined through hands-on testing.

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