Decentralized Gaming Marketplace YAY Games, Partners with SmartEcoSystem to Bring an Exclusive Smartphone Product

YAY Games, a decentralized gaming marketplace, has announced its partnership with SmartEcoSystem to bring exclusive smartphone products to its users.

SmartEcoSystsem is a fintech company specializing in developing and producing LTE and 5G operating devices. The company is currently working on a new line of Smartphones under the AYYA brand. The AYYA Smartphones are reportedly new digital devices created with various smart features that are intended to make life easier and safer for users.

On the other hand, YAY Games is a decentralized gaming platform that seeks to offer the best gaming experience through blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies. The games on the platform feature mining game mechanics that incorporate non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and Decentralized Finance (DeFi) features. The YAY Games notably offers gamers the opportunity to immerse themselves in fascinating virtual words through battle, earn in-game achievements. At the same time, players can earn income for their engagements.

YAY Games has been working on a new product, the Bold Point, since the beginning of 2021. Bold Point is an NFT-based collectible card RPG game. Bold Point was created to allow gamers better access to the DeFi marketplace, allowing them to all the benefits of financial innovations.

As per the announcement, the partnership will allow the two companies to release their new upcoming products by pulling their resources together to ensure the success of these products. Both companies reached an agreement to have a limited version of the AYYA Smartphones that will be dedicated towards the release of the Bold Point game. 

Commenting on the partnership, LLC Vladislav Ivanov, the General Director of SmartEcoSystem, stated:

“We are pleased to announce the release of a limited batch of the AYYA Bold Point smartphone. YAY Games is launching a truly innovative product on the market, which fully corresponds to our company’s philosophy. AYYA smartphone and Bold Point game represent the development of already familiar products in new directions.” 

With Bold Point, players will have a variety of options. A player can choose to level up their character, learn devastating skills, gain experience or improve their overall characteristics. Notably, all characters and achievements will be unique NFT tokens that can be sold, bought, collected, and exchanged within the YAY Games.

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