Cards & Tankards Deals A Hand Later This Week On Quest

Two years after appearing on PC VR, Divergent Realities confirms Cards & Tankards arrives on Quest later this week.

Arriving on May 25, Cards & Tankards is a free-to-play social collectible card game set in a fantasy tavern. Offering over 160 cards between 4 “mechanically unique factions,” placing cards on the tavern table turns them into mini-figures as you battle other people or AI opponents. Featuring customizable decks, progression rewards and avatar outfits, crossplay between Quest and PC VR is also supported.

Here’s the official description, courtesy of Divergent Realities:

With Cards & Tankards, you can experience a whole new level of social gaming in the world of strategy and adventure. Customize your character, build your deck, and enjoy endless hours of fun with your friends. Cards & Tankards is a game designed to unite people, whether for a friendly competition or just hanging out with friends.

Cards & Tankards arrives on May 25 for the Meta Quest platform, and its available now on PC VR via Steam Early Access.

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