Canadian Healthcare Company Dumps Over 30 Billion SHIB — Labels Shiba Inu A ‘Scam’, Threatens To Sue Its Founders

The ShibArmy woke up to a rare treatment of war of words between Canadian healthcare company ‘Ask the Doctor’ and Shiba Inu’s co-founder Shytoshi Kusama after the online clinic claimed that Shiba Inu is a scam token.

In a sudden twist of events, ‘Ask the Doctor’ which had until now, become a seemingly die-hard supporter for the canine-themed cryptocurrency even acquiring 31 SHIB tokens in late November, has changed voice and now claims that the fact that SHIB’s founders chose not to reveal their real identities shows that the token is a scam.

“Remember ShytoshiKusama is a scammer, hence he is using an alias. Stay tuned for a special interview on why we feel he is setting us all up for one of the biggest scams in history.” Wrote Ask The Doctor shortly after revealing that they had sold all their SHIB holdings.

The I-clinic also said that they had sent emails to leading crypto exchanges including Binance, Kraken, and about delisting SHIB. Further, they would be suing Kusama for libel and to also reveal the true identity of SHIB founders.

“It’s our obligation to protect the crypto community from these potential scammers. We will get their identities” 

Much to the amusement of the ShibArmy, Kusama made a comeback accusing the I-clinic’s founder, Prakash Chand of hiding behind the veil of the internet-based clinic to scam patients. Referring to past studies about the clinic’s website, the SHIB developer brought out some glaring complaints by disgruntled users arguing that from now on, they would “sniff” all businesses before engaging with them on Twitter. “Wouldn’t want to run across any scammers…” Kusama said.

But one would ask, why the sudden change of heart by Ask the Doctor despite the I clinic having been one of the most staunch promoters of SHIB?

Just a day ago, Ask the Doctor put out an advert claiming that it would be giving out a Tesla for one year. To qualify for the giveaway, the website asked people to sell their Shib and use the funds to purchase Floki Inu. The announcement was not taken up well by the Shib army with some users calling on the SEC to act on the I-clinic for attempting to manipulate the market.

That said, most SHIB users seem to be unconcerned with Ask the Doctor’s nefarious attacks on the Shiba Inu Token and its founders and are instead raising questions on the I-clinic’s true intent. At reporting time, the token’s price is also showing some strength, trading at 0.00003234, up 8.71% from yesterday’s close.

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