Can You Survive the Virtual Open-World RPG Survival Nation?

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Living in a post-apocalyptic world isn’t the life you expected, but it’s the one that you got. There’s no lack of challenges and you will test every part of your being. Fend off armies of undead, avoid the perils of nature, and battle day-by-day simply living as a human in an inhuman world. Do you think you have what it takes to survive?

Survival Nation is an open-world RPG, which is already quite rare to experience in virtual reality. What puts the game over the top is its realistic elements and the ability to immerse players with seemingly-endless options. Wenkly Studio doesn’t hold back when it comes to offering attention-grabbing scenarios, quests, and activities, leaving you with hours of progression.

When playing in survival mode, you’ll need to maintain your health, food, and water levels, all the while fighting off relentless zombies and menacing wildlife. It takes a brave person to forge a new world solo, but you can do it. Start by finding a sustainable water source, hunting some smaller prey to get your energy up, and raiding abandoned buildings for leftovers. 

Survival Nation is full of RPG elements and makes tracking your progression easy. There are three unique skill trees; survival, combat, and endurance. With every level that you accomplish, the skill develops, and it’s up to you which ones to prioritize. While you scavenge, you’ll comeacross a variety of weapons like rifles, shotguns, pistols, explosives, melee options, and even a back-to-basics bow.

If you’re more of a social gamer, you won’t feel left out, thanks to the game’s online multiplayer mode. Grab your headset and hop in with buddies to fortify your base, grow food, craft weapons, learn important survival skills, and of course, destroy any enemies that attempt to corrupt the peace of the new world you’re collectively building. Trade supplies if you’re running low on anything and create a great dynamic of cooperation. The likelihood of success is way higher when you fight with friends! 

The open-world dynamic becomes even more interesting when you learn you can find treasure! Explore to your heart’s content outside of your quests, and solve riddles, locate artifacts with a metal detector, and discover secret spaces to augment your skill sets.

Survival Nation is available on Pico and recently launched on Steam on February 2, 2023. The game is expected to hit the Meta store in Q2 2023.

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