BXH Audit Report with Highest Score is Out by SmartState

BXH is one the most advanced platforms offering a bunch of investment options to users, with each delivering high profits. The project has seen exponential growth in terms of both user base and investments pouring in in the last couple of months, and it’s expected to shoot through the roof after the release of SmartState’s audit report. BXH was tested on all the critical parameters and scored a perfect 10/10 on project evaluation, becoming one of the safest and most trustworthy platforms functioning right now.

The parameters BXH was audited for include, but are not limited to, Best Code Practices, ERC/BP20 compliance, Logical bugs, General Denial of Services (DOS), Private Data Leaks, Pool Asset Security, Function Visibility, Authorization issues, Hidden Malicious Code, Uninitialized Storage Pointers, and Signature Replay, amongst others. And, it secured a perfect score for all these. Anyone even remotely acquainted with the blockchain and De-Fi (Decentralized Finance) industry will identify and understand the importance of the score and how the audit report is a testament to the fact that BXH has now become an industry leader, offering complete security and smart investment options. 

About BXH

BXH, a new-age platform with multi-chain support for Heco, BSC, OEC, and OKC, is all about offering reliable investment options in a market that’s highly volatile, and where predicting the trend is often tricky. So, users instead of allocating the funds themselves use BXH for higher returns, both in the short and long run. And so far, the results have been exemplary, and any investor would tell you the same.

BXH recently launched its Centralized Exchange (CEX) on July 7, 2022, one of the most advanced to be developed ever. It’s currently under the testing stage but has already witnessed more than 5,000 registrations from users across the globe. The Centralized Exchange employs the latest safety protocols to ensure the complete security of assets and the privacy of the investor. So, from now on, you can access and utilize both the benefits of Centralized Finance and Decentralized Finance with BXH. And the developers are working on several new features for the CEX to be launched in the coming days. Make sure to try out the beta version today www.ex.bxh.com 

In addition to this, BXH also offers an AI-powered yield farming aggregator to automatically allocate the investor’s funds based on real-time floating yield changes of different protocols. Also, by employing the mechanism of a single position, transfers can be made at a lower gas fee with BXH. Then comes AMM trading, which helps lower the gas fee and reduces the intricacy of transactions.

BXH holders can also deposit their holdings into the platform’s pool to receive regular dividends and secure a steady stream of funds. The tokenomics for the BXH token has been designed considering the various critical factors that drive the value, and to ensure the long-term sustainability of both the token and the project. 

All about the BXH Foolish Child NFT 

BXH is also holding a giveaway where a part of its Foolish Child NFT Collection will be distributed amongst the whitelisted users by Free Mint. The collection consists of a total of 10,000 NFTs. And these are different from the ones you usually come across. BXH’s NFTs are priced higher, there’s a discount on transaction fees, airdrops for new currencies as they are added, and a dividend.

Also, the platform plans to launch the BXH & NFT Affiliate Programs. All these factors combined with the publicity being carried out worldwide will help the collection gain popularity and subsequently see a rise in value. So, if you haven’t gotten yourself whitelisted yet, get it done to receive your first NFT for free! 

Besides, if you were planning to choose an investment platform, BXH would be a perfect choice. Also, with the release of SmartState’s audit report, you can be sure that the investments will yield high returns, and the platform will provide a balanced ecosystem for optimal growth.  

To find out more about BXH, visit the official website: https://bxh.com/

Also, follow the platform on all available social channels to stay updated with recent developments and promotions.

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