BitMEX Launches BitMEX Academy, Offering A New Way To Learn About Crypto

BitMEX is elated to announce the launch of the BitMEX Academy, created to serve as a learning tool allowing beginners and experts alike to partake in the cryptocurrency industry.

As per the announcement, the BitMEX Academy is a multimedia crypto educational platform that brings together the greatest minds in the industry. The platform will allow participants to share knowledge on cryptocurrencies, trading fundamentals, blockchain technology, and other essential crypto-related topics.

Commenting on the launch, Lawrence Linker, the Provost of BitMEX Academy, stated: 

“Crypto adoption has the potential to grow from a few hundred million to over a billion users in the next few years, but we will never get there without establishing ways for people to deepen their knowledge with world-class educational resources. BitMEX is investing in the academy to help address this, and we are creating an open, welcoming community space dedicated to learning about the future of finance.”

Notably, the BitMEX Academy is already working towards launching a few programs that will help further drive its mission. The platform plans to have a distinguished lecture facilitated by leading minds within the crypto space, starting with the legendary Justin Chow. The lectures will be accompanied by guest speakers through casual conversations in video blogs and the BitMEX podcast series on YouTube. 

The academy will also launch interactive courses that will cover everything within the blockchain and its technologies. In addition, the academy also intends to launch a library that will provide rich educational base resources to all crypto users. Lastly, the BitMEX Academy, through the Academy Discord channel, plans to create a strong community by allowing users to connect, level up their knowledge from like-minded individuals, and get the support they need for their crypto journey.

Alexander Höptner, CEO of BitMEX, added: 

“Those of us who are already immersed in crypto often forget that there are many others who are clamoring to learn more but are unsure of where to turn and intimidated by the sheer amount of information out there. BitMEX Academy will evolve into a central gathering place for people, no matter their level of knowledge, to come together and build practical crypto knowledge.”

Launched in 2016, BitMEX is a P2P crypto-products trading platform that aims to become one of the largest regulated crypto derivatives exchanges. The platform seeks to become a powerful catalyst for change in the financial services industry. The academy’s launch will be fundamental in helping BItMEX reach its goal.

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