APENFT Opens Pre-Registration For Its Marketplace

APENFT Foundation, a foremost NFT platform, has officially opened the pre-registration event of its upcoming APENFT Marketplace.

As per the announcement, the APENFT Marketplace is now open to users to participate in the pre-registration process, allowing them to receive tokens and NFT airdrops. The event will see 10,000 people get selected to receive an exclusive NFT card from the 10,000 limited editions NFT cards.

The NFT cardholders will notably become eligible to participate in the whitelist process and recommend artists, popular NFT projects, or well-known IPs. For their recommendations, participants will receive bonuses and other rights. Note once the platform is fully launched, cardholders will be able to trade their NFT card, participate in platform governance, receive referral rewards on the marketplace, and have early access to NFT flash sales on the marketplace. 

In addition to receiving the NFT cards, participants will also get to share in the tokens and NFT airdrop that amounts to $1,000,000. APENFT is also giving participants a chance to earn an extra airdrop and commission for inviting their friends. To participate in the pre-registrations, users will be required to submit their email accounts to the official website address.

Launched in March 2021, APENFT is backed by top-notch blockchains, Ethereum, and TRON. The platform also has support from the world’s most extensive distributed storage system, BitTorrent File System (BTFS). The platform seeks to register world-class artwork as NFTs on the blockchain.

APENFT’s mission is to ‘turn top artists and art pieces into NFTs. The platform seeks to upgrade the way artworks are hosted and transform them elite-exclusive items to something that truly belongs to the people and mirrors their aspirations. APENFT is the art for everyone.’

At its core, the APENFT ecosystem seeks to invest in top NFT platforms and artworks and incubate leading NFT artists.  By doing so, the APENFT team hopes to build a bridge between world-class artists and the NFT world. APENFT will also sponsor galleries, organize art exhibitions or publications, establish art collections, set up awards to support artistic creation and criticism.

Just recently, APENFT entered into a strategic partnership with WINK to expand its operations into the gaming industry. In the coming days, APENFT hopes to achieve a strong circulation of NFTs, enrich its overall business, and secure the key to authorization and confirmation of the digital world.

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