AltSignals Surpass The $750k Mark In First Presale Round

AltSignals (ASI), an AI-powered trading signals provider, is elated to announce the success of its ongoing presale round, which soured past the $750k mark.

AltSignals continues to gain traction amount investors as the project approaches the second phase. Currently, the price of ASI, the native token on the platform, has been set at $0.015 per token. During the send presale round, the price is set to increase by 25%, reaching $0.01875. At the end of the presale rounds and before losing on exchanges, ASI prices are expected to reach $0.02274.

Commenting on the success, Rod Phim, CEO of AltSignals, stated:

 “We’re thrilled that people have shown confidence in us and what we bring to the table. We have already seen the impact AI has had on a variety of industries, and we’re using this cutting-edge technology to better serve our users. Passing $750k in our current presale raise shows how promising our offering is. The news couldn’t have come at a better time to coincide with the product development, as discussed in our recent AMA.” He added, “We hope the $750k raise milestone encourages more people to potentially invest in our offering and token, as we clearly have a proven track record of success after thriving for 5 years in what is a very competitive market.”

Launched by a team of internet entrepreneurs and trading analysts in 2017, AltSignals is a financial services provider offering many different services, including cryptocurrency futures trading signals, market analysis, and forex trading alerts. AltSignals seeks to provide technical and fundamental analysis and coach its clients on how to trade to help them make a profit long term. 

Since its launch, AltSignals has provided leading algorithm-based signals and indicators to move 52k members. The project is backed by about 500 reviews on Trustpilot, causing it to have an average score of 4.9/5.

AltSignals recently launched ActualizeAI, an AI tool that scans the market 24/7 to provide users with real-time trading insights. This tool is aimed at helping traders improve the accuracy of their trading signals. In addition, the team behind the project is working on developing reading strategies and objectives, including programming risk levels.

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