Altair Relaunches Startup Program to Turbocharge Global Startups

Just like your startup, Altair was once a young company that was trying to change the world. Having turned its initial dream into a roaring success, Altair understands exactly what your young business needs to grow. Through the Altair Startup Program, Altair helps your startup accelerate its innovation, reduce its development times, and lower its costs.

“Our solutions give startups the tools they need to accelerate the next steps in their development,” says Evelyn Gebhardt, vice president of marketing (EMEA) and lead of the Altair Startup Program. “Altair’s technical know-how and dedicated support staff ensure they’re always on the path toward discovery and commercial success.”

Read about Altair’s tailored innovation packages and apply today!

Discover the Altair Startup Program Innovation Packages

The Altair Startup Program meets the needs of startups of all types. Whether your startup needs simulation, data analytics, or high-performance computing (HPC) solutions, Altair has a package that will enhance your business and its product development processes. Altair offers four main innovation packages that span new product development, data intelligence, and HPC and cloud solutions.

Altair Smart Product Development Package

Altair’s simulation-driven approach to innovation is powered by an integrated suite of software that optimizes design performance across multiple disciplines. These encompass structures, motion, fluids, thermal management, electromagnetics, system modeling, and embedded systems, as well as providing data analytics and true-to-life visualization and rendering.

The three-year Smart Product Development Package gives startups discounted access to all Altair products via Altair’s patented licensing. It helps startups familiarize themselves with simulation through training and support, and accelerates the development of smart connected products, components for e-motors, renewable energy solutions, industrial machinery, and much more.

Altair Data Intelligence Package

Altair’s data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) solutions deliver groundbreaking insights to your team. The Altair Data Intelligence package revolutionizes how insights are generated by eliminating the time that’s wasted on redundant tasks or code creation. Altair helps your business turn complex data into smart data. This helps your budding innovative business make informed decisions grounded in actionable insights.

Altair’s two-year Data Intelligence Package is designed for startups in any industry – ranging from fintech and energy to healthcare and marketing, among others. It includes discounted access to Altair’s data analytics solutions as well as training and support.

Altair Cloud/HPC Starter Package

The Altair Cloud/HPC Starter package is a two-year package tailored for startups with large-scale integration (VLSI) engineering teams. It includes discounted access to Altair® Accelerator, a best-in-class, high-throughput job scheduling solution that meets the complex demands of semiconductor and electronic design automation (EDA) teams. It also includes access to Altair® Monitor, a license tracking tool that offers real-time insight into software availability, usage, job status, and more.

Altair Unlimited Appliance on Oracle Cloud Package

The Altair Unlimited Appliance on Oracle Cloud package is a two-year package for startups that need robust HPC and cloud resources to develop their products. Offering discounted access to simulation software and Oracle Cloud credits, with this package Altair and Oracle have teamed up to help startups expand their engineering and HPC capabilities with the Altair Unlimited Virtual Appliance within the Oracle Cloud, a fully managed solution that provides modeling and visualization software, solvers, and post-processing tools.

This package is a great fit for startups developing products like e-motors, 3D-printed parts, industrial machinery, biomedical technology, renewable energy, or new forms of transportation who want to leverage the cloud to enhance the product development process.

How Will the Altair Startup Program Benefit Your Business?

Accelerate Product Development and Growth: Your startup will receive discounted access to Altair’s state-of-the-art simulation solutions.

Benefit from Altair’s Experience: You will gain access to free online training and support.

Gain Global Visibility: Your business can leverage new marketing opportunities.

“Technology is critical to fueling intelligent innovation and helping startups to grow, which is why we’re so excited to relaunch this program,” says Evelyn Gebhardt.

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