Alpha Blue Ocean (ABO) Announces Launch Of New Private Investment Firm, ABO Digital

Alpha Blue Ocean (“ABO”), a firm with offices in the Bahamas and Dubai, recently announced the opening of ABO Digital, a new private investment company that will offer alternative financing options to startups and fast-growing businesses in the digital asset sector.

The new ABO Digital will bring institutional-grade knowledge to the digital asset and blockchain industries by drawing on ABO’s experience as a structured Private Investments in Public Equity (PIPE) investor with more than US$2 billion in executed financing commitments globally over the last five years.

Blockchain projects will have more access to creative and adaptable funding options thanks to ABO Digital’s solutions. This new method of funding fills a gap in the cryptocurrency market, especially in light of the present market environment.

“This is an important time for the digital asset space. We’re in the midst of a bear market, but there continues to be solid development by innovative protocols. A lot of large investors, such as venture capitalists, will have suffered losses from the recent crypto credit contagion. This reduces the pool of available growth capital for cryptocurrency projects that ABO Digital will help fill. We see an interesting development in gaming as projects are working on more sustainable tokenomics, which can help drive adoption as well as the practical use of non-fungible tokens. We expect DeFi to continue capturing attention in this space, proving its robustness through the current crisis whilst continuing to innovate and find pragmatic solutions – such as access to liquidity for stakers of ETH. This difficult market situation, coupled with our positive outlook, makes it the perfect time to launch ABO Digital, enabling entities in this exciting space to source the funds they need to build.” – Amine Nedjai, CEO at ABO Digital.

The timely introduction of ABO Digital is in line with expectations that the market for digital assets will emerge from this crisis in the next cycle stronger. With only a few significant players controlling the investment market over the past few years, ABO Digital offers new expertise and a different method for projects to raise money for growth and expansion.

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