6 Ways how VR/AR can help you increase Property Sales!

The losses suffered by different industries were huge during the global pandemic. Especially in the Real Estate Industry, the market growth decreased by 33% as per stlouisfed. Many businesses had to be shut down because of this uncertain and out-of-the-blue situation.

Let’s keep all the negative things aside and talk about the things that we learned during that period.

We learned to get ourselves going in any situation. We learned to shift to different technologies to save our resources and business. We upgraded our traditional way of doing business and opted for new strategies and technologies. Many sectors have started to evolve and improve their way of doing business with new-age technologies like AR and VR.

Virtual Reality(VR) is the new age technology, that lets you create real-life 360° experiences of your underdeveloped/half-developed/ developed projects and designs. With the help of VR, you can create and share fully interactive 3D tours and add life to your traditional 2D brochures and visuals.

Virtual Reality has saved the Real Estate industry from free-falling during the COVID period. It took our hands and helped us to get back to our feet. So, Virtual Reality is no more than a miracle for the Real Estate Industry.

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Let me prove my point with these 6 factors and then you can thank me in the comment section? Deal!:

First Impression

According to a survey by the National Association of Realtors, 44% of clients search for properties on the internet first!

We are used to seeing 2D photos, brochures, and videos on different property listings, websites, etc. Nothing new in this.

But with 360° Virtual Tour, you can surprise your audience. You can truly get clients’ attention and attract them with your magnificent designs. They will engage and interact with your designs and amenities, which will eventually leave an impact on them.

You can embed Virtual tours on your website like Casa Rivera. They’ve created a fully immersive 360° VR tour with the help of melzo.com to accelerate their business.

Via kalaa.melzo.com

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Safe Showcasing

In this new normal, people have started to avoid unnecessary outings of all kinds. They shop and explore things online keeping COVID in mind. So you can’t expect them to visit your construction site just to get a general idea about your new designs. And 2D Photos, Brochures will not do any justice to your creativity. You can make a Virtual Tour of your property with few AR experiences like this.

With a Virtual Tour, you can offer virtually guided walkthroughs of your project with interactive floor plans, brochures, voice-overs, etc. Your prospects can safely experience it from the comfort of their home.

Increased Engagement

According to experts, 360° Visuals will increase users engagement by 32%. (Source)

Virtual tours are so detailed and effective that no part of your design will be left unspoken. Clients are allowed to go on a detailed tour into the smallest corners of the property, a much deeper emotional bonding is born there!

With the help of VR Tour, you can showcase half-built properties too. you can share the progress report with old as well as new clients to win their trust and increase user engagement.


Back in 2020, Casa Rivera found an amazing way of sharing a progress report with their audience. A great way of engaging people and a nice Marketing Move!

Better Decision

Buying a property is not shopping, it’s an investment. It takes a lot of time for an average user to make a decision of investing in real estate. Also, Before coming to any conclusion they will definitely share the property details such as 2D photos, brochures, etc to their friends and fam for a second opinion.

Did you know 83% of Buyers’ Agents said Virtual Tours Made It Easier for a Buyer to Visualize the Property?

So with VR Tour, your clients can visualize your offerings better and get a clear idea about what they want and what they don’t. They can also share 360° VR Tour with a single web link to their closed ones.

Prospects can experience a VR Tour as many times as they want and make a better decision.

No limitations

Nowadays people are investing in Real Estate a lot, especially in India, according to ibef the Indian real estate market is expected to increase by 4% to reach Rs. 36,500 crore (USD 5 Billion) in 2021.

The reason being is the ease of the process. Virtual Reality can’t be held by any geographic limitation, which is another advantage offered by this technology. With booming technology- VR and our friend internet, A realtor from India can engage a high-profile customer from Dubai, or a designer from Ghana can showcase his designs to British investors. With VR you can reach the global market in no time!


VR Tour can help you market your business in 360°. If you showcase your project in 360° to a client, then they will definitely share reviews and recommend it to their people. And you know how effective word of mouth is right?

VR tours can also help your business to gain undivided attention and popularity over the internet. Any VR experience will get better results and reach compared to 2D photos and videos. You can make viral content in minutes with VR.

Via kalaa.melzo.com

Check out this VR Experience from your device! (Click Here)

Traditional ways of selling will always be close to our hearts, we all love interacting with other humans and letting them feel our designs by offering them physical visits. But keeping the new normal thing in mind, we really should keep an open mind about the new methods and start adopting them.

I can guarantee you one thing that Virtual Reality will always keep your business going and glowing for the upcoming years.

If you think VR is limited to headsets only, then you haven’t come across this amazing technology called webVR, which lets you create and experience VR from any device. There are some exceptional companies that give us the power to create and experience VR tours from any device and any browser. No need to install any application. With WebVR you can create a 360° Virtual Tour Instantly with ease.

Melzo.com has created an automated code-free platform, where you can create Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Hologram experiences and visualize them within minutes.

Keeping all the needs of the Real estate industry in mind, they have created Melzo Kalaa. It lets you create 360 VR Tours in minutes with easy to use interface and drag & drop feature. So start creating your first 360 VR Tour Today, visit kalaa.melzo.com and avail your Free subscription!


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