3Space Art Officially Kicks Off “Enter The Void” NFT Exhibition

3Space Art, a multi-chain NFT platform that places digital arts in physical spaces as a measure to boost their use in the real world to mainstream appeal, has announced the official launch of the “Enter the Void” NFT exhibition.

Per the announcement, the event was held simultaneously at the Puesto Gallery in Seoul, South Korea, and in a virtual replica of the physical gallery in the metaverse created in collaboration with ZEP.

This reflects the platform’s basic mission of offering artists and collectors the opportunity to showcase their collections in offline events and exhibitions. It also allows users to earn recurring revenue by staking their idle NFTs in the platform’s featured Art Pool.

The NFT exhibition scheduled to run between January 19 and January 23 will display about 68 artworks in diverse formats which includes screens, monitors, projections, and framed prints to reflect the diversity of art styles.

Thus, providing an avenue for visitors to relate with each other or the artwork at the physical space, or choose to be an avatar online to experience the same event as people that are actually there.

“This is the first NFT exhibition to be held in 2D and 3D at the same time. We have created a replica of a physical gallery on the metaverse so that people can feel that they are in the same place. This way, we want people to be more accepting of the Metaverse and accept digital art as any other form of traditional art,” Yoon Kim, the founder of 3Space Art said while explaining the motive behind the new development.

3Space Art understands that there are unavoidable factors like time, distance, and others that could prevent people who desire to experience the exhibition from visiting in person. Hence, holding the event in the 2D metaverse gallery will allow these people to move, speak, and interact with NFTs and other community members via the virtual space as if it’s the physical world.

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