3D Content or Static Images?

The ability to add 3D content to your website is here, and if you’re a retailer you should seriously consider doing so.

However, I’d be lying if I told you 3D images are an excellent opportunity for every business because not all businesses benefit from them equally.

Highly standardized products with potential for customization, like furniture, are among those that reap the greatest rewards with 3D content.

So let’s say you’re a furniture or design company looking to implement 3D images on your website. What would you gain?

If you look at Shopify, the major e-commerce giant supporting over 1,000,000 businesses, its 3D models have proven to increase conversion rates by up to 250%.

Handbag retailer Rebecca Minkoff realized that users who interacted with a 3D model on its product page were 44% more likely to add to cart and 27% more likely to purchase the item. Even more convincing, shoppers who used augmented reality to place 3D items in their physical settings were 65% more likely to make a purchase.

Home design retailer Houzz found its 3D app made users 11 times more likely to buy products. Why? Because shoppers can visualize items in their personal spaces, eliminating the fear of returns. This brings me to the next benefit of 3D items.

3D items reduce returns. Build.com has a feature on its website enabling shoppers to view certain items, like sink faucets, in action. They found that shoppers who used the feature were 22% less likely to return the product than those who did not use the feature and bought the same product.

That being said, 3D content is not for everyone. If you are business with low standardization and low customization, you would likely lose money attempting to implement 3D shopping.

If you are selling furniture or home decor, however, 3D assets are your new best friend. Not only are you providing a positive customer experience, but you’re giving the customer confidence at checkout.

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